Monday, March 31, 2008

All By Myself

Last night was my first night off orientation as well as my first night going to work without Sybil. Must admit I felt a few butterflies in my stomach as I approached Labor and Delivery. I was hoping it would be a slow Sunday night, but as I turned to corner to the nurses station I heard 1 doctor tell another "man we are slammed not an empty room in the house." Great now I have more than butterflies in my stomach I think I'm going to be sick! I was assigned one active labor patient. As I entered the room I said I quick prayer and put on my "happy" nurse face. I figure half of this nursing gig is keep a smile on your face and never let them see you sweat. The couple I was assigned to were super nice. After seeing their last name I had to ask where they were from. Their response could not have been more perfect. The husband said,
" were are from Tehran, Iran were Persian." I almost laughed out loud! I thought ok this has got to be a sign from Pari. I then quickly told them about my dear friend Pari and we were instant friends. The delivery was great! They were the nicest couple and very appreciative, which always makes you feel good! The rest of the night went well. I went on the have 2 more deliveries. Side note last week another traveler told me she's only had 3 deliveries the whole 2 months she's been at Kaiser. The charge nurse on night shift did give me a good laugh around 4am right before my 3rd delivery. She asked me if Sybil and I were sisters! Now what would give her that idea? Tonight is Sybil's first night "all by herself", so let's all hope the L&D god's are smiling down on her! Be good, Keely

Soggy Sunday

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Friday night- tell Bob Lolley we saw the Temple!

Friday at the beach- Spring Break is in town!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

OK, let me explain the slideshow below...First of all, when we went to Vegas, Keely had to use my shampoo and conditioner. She noticed, only after I had used it and was blowing my hair dry that my shampoo was in fact, BODY WASH! It was right next to the conditioner in Rite Aid so I just grabbed both bottles and threw them in my cart to pay. Can everybody say hello to Blondie? Then, earlier this week we are leaving our apartment to go somewhere, probably to a bar, just kidding Mona and MawMaw :) and we get in the elevator to go down to the basement where the KaKaKaKia is parked with our recycling and get stuck in the elevator! My Zoloft hadn't kicked in yet and the operator wasn't understanding where we were. I did not feel confident we were getting out when she kept asking us "what city are you in?" Homina homina...
I think I got nervous bladder syndrome and wanted to sit down but Keely wouldn't let me sit on the dirty floor so I paced in the 1x1 box while she kicked the door and I fought off a panic attack! Remember to breathe Blondie. Meanwhile, Keely is cool as a cucumber...The door started making noises after the operator told us help would be there shortly but, it wouldn't open. I finally just leaned against the door and tried to push up and the damn thing opened! Must be my muscles...Keely called the operator back to tell them we were out but she was still asking us what freaking city we were in while the door kept trying to close. Keely told her "That's it! I'm getting out of this thing before I get stuck again!" We've been taking the stairs ever since which was probably someone upstairs intensions for this whole fiasco to begin with!
We have submitted a requst to property management to have the "in case of fire, use stairway for exit" sign to include "in case of fire, phobias, panic, impatientness and clausterphobia, oh and laziness, use stairs to exit!"
On a 'good news' note, Keely has become quite the chef on the grill we bought for our little porch. The bad news is, I try to do the inside food preparation and cooking. Reintroducing Blondie...How am I so bad in the kitchen? We've been making Christy Daly's squash and zuccini receipe as a side dish alot but somehow tonight I managed to make us squash and zuccini crunchy black chips instead. They were still edible but thought I'd share my talents in the kitchen with all of you. See slideshow below to view pics of all this maiham and read Keely's post below summing up our first night on the antepartum floor Tues night.

A few mishaps...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Lesson In Warm Heat

We made it through our first night in 4 North, otherwise known as antepartum/overflow from every other unit in the hospital. As we came on shift we were assigned to orient with another traveler who's been at Kaiser San Diego for 6 months. She quickly told us what she didn't like about Kaiser and she was so happy her contract was over on Thursday. My first thought was then why did you stay for 6 months if it was so bad? We split her team of patients up so each of us had one patient. Tough I know! During my assessment my patient asked if she could get her heating pad warmed back up. I replied sure and thought now this is a simple task I can handle without having to ask for any help. She then handed me a pillow case with something heavy inside. I opened the pillow case and found a chux pad with something heavy wrapped inside of it. Okay I have know idea what this is, guess its Kaiser's version of a heating pad. Great now I'm going to have to ask for help! The first nurse I came across I asked where do I get another heating pad/warm chux for my patient's back. She then gave me a lecture on how at Kaiser the doctor's do not like their Pt's to have heating pads. To which I replied, "well someone already gave her one for her back and she would like it reheated." She then with a smart a** grin on her face replied, "you must mean your patient wants warm heat for her back." I then busted out laughing and said, "OH yes of course that's what I mean my patient would like warm heat." She then showed me how to soak a towel in scolding hot water and wrap it in a chux like a present then put it back in a pillow case. Hence the pillowcase with something warm and heavy inside. Who knew getting "warm heat" would be such a production. Think Kaiser should invest in gel packs that you warm up in the microwave! After that the night went pretty smooth for me. Sybil was up and down with her pt as she was on magnesium sulfate and had hourly vitals. Also, to our TMH friends, Kaiser's Mag comes in 100ml bags, so they have to be replaced every 2 hours. Can you say pain in the a**!!!!!! All in all the night was not bad at all. We have the next 3 days off so were going to soak up some of this beautiful California sunshine. Which I might add is free of humidity and pollen! Sorry had to rub it in. Take care, Keely

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cesection day in the OR

Hey peeps! We survived our OR day. We were with a nurse named Toni. She was great and runs the OR teams on Mon and Thurs during all of the scheduled c-sections. Regardless, we walked into a mess. One patient was in recovery b/c her water broke during the night and she was a scheduled c/s for next week so she had to deliver during the night shift, the 8am pt already delivered, the noon c/s who was supposed to show up at 10am to be admitted and ready to "cut" BY noon arrived in labor and delivery AT noon. Oh, boy I tell ya! Hmmm, a little miscommunication btwn her and her provider (that's what they call their OB/GYN's). There are a MILLION of them-we'll never remember their names, the midwives or anesthesia folks! So far, there aren't any Rosie's, Dixon's or Franzie's! Well come up with nicknames for them before too long, I'm sure. During the noon c/s (at 1:30pm) the Pediatrician (one always attends c/s's) brought a pharmacy student in to observe. She came up behind me and said she didn't feel well. Out of the OR we went for her to sit on the floor in the recovery room, breathe and drink OJ. She was embarrassed that she almost passed out and I was definitely not learning the do's and don'ts of Kaiser's OR nor was I able to watch anything being done on the computer. Keely was being B nurse (baby nurse) which is who takes over after the Pediatricain and respiratory therapist assess the baby and decided he or she can stay with the mom then go to term nursery. The teams use Nextel phones to alert everyone to come to the OR when it's time. Yeah, those didn't work and respiratory almost missed two deliveries. Meanwhile, Keely has been B nurse a couple of times but hasn't learned Jack about circulating c/s, but I assured her, neither was I. I did get to be B nurse during the 4pm c/s and then the add on c/s. Oh, the 4pm c/s pt showed up at 11am but we couldn't do the c/s until 4pm b/c she ate eggs, tortillas and beans for breakfast! No food 8hrs before surgery... Her baby weighed 9 lbs! I feel much better about doing the baby stuff now, but no clue about the charting. Hey, patients are living and breathing-the charting is gonna have to come later. The best way to describe the floor overall is a tornado, and Walter is right in the middle of it! I'm sure I'm forgetting something but I'll add on later since it's 4am here and I'm going back to bed. We work tonight 7p-7a so if anyone is up and bored, call us!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Johnny Love's, Whiskey Girl and Henry's

Coronado Beach on Saturday

Friday, March 21, 2008

McP's/Henry's Pub

Oh! I didn't know I'm a traveler.......

Hi everyone its Keely! That is my favorite quote I've heard so far. Another traveler in Labor & Delivery told me to say that whenever someone is getting on to me because I forgot to do something. Haven't had to use it so far but I'm sure I will before its all over with. Our first full 12hr night shift was interesting to say the least. At one point I felt like jumping out the window because I felt so overwhelmed. Before I could find a window the charge nurse approached me and I thought oh gosh what now. But to my delight she said, "Keely why don't you go lay down for an hour." Yes, you read that right we get a 1 hour "break". I could not believe it. As I was kicking my feet up and wrapping up in a blanket I thought gosh if Jeff and Pari could see me now! By the time I did my second admit of the night things started feeling a little better. Not completely sure if it was really getting better or the fact that it was 7am and time for me to go home and not return for 4 nights. Either way I felt a little better by the end of the night. Its hard coming from a hospital where you know everyone to starting at a new hospital only knowing one person. All the nurses on the night shift are super nice and helpful. I think each time we go back to work it will get easier and easier. Then we will be off to another hospital and start over from square one. All and all I think this has definitely been and good experience so far and is forcing me to grow as a person and a nurse. All the growing pains forced Sybil and I to go out last night. Shocking I know! We started a McP's in Coronado. McP's is similar to PoBoy's which is very fun and laid back. It was a slow night at McP's and Sybil was starting to fall asleep on me so I quickly called a cab to take us to Henry's our fave hangout in the Gaslamp District. I told Sybil lets have a drink and see how you feel, if your still tired we can go home. Well the next thing I know Sybil has blown past me and tornadoing all over the place introducing me to all sorts of people. We wound up having a fun night. Thanks Henry's for not letting us down. Today we have hung out around the apartment and lounged at the pool some. Tomorrow we plan on trying another beach out. Will be sure to post and let everyone know what adventure comes our way. Miss everyone a ton!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our first day on labor and delivery from Sybil

hey everyone! Sorry we haven't posted in a few days. We had more computer training Monday morning until noon then lunch and then we finally went to labor and delivery. We got a tour of the unit including locker rooms and OR's. They provide scrubs for us that are light blue but SOOOO comfortable like the greens we are forbidden to wear at TMH. Anyway, they were busy again and running in 50 different directions so the manager sent us home to "study"- sure lady.
We had to figure out our schedule through April 19th because Keely and I only had 1 same shift. We now have a few more and at least the same weekends off. And, we've learned some things need to be in our next contract to avoid the scheduling confusion! We were supposed to work 7p-7a last night but they had us come in at 8am Tues morning and work until 8pm instead and guess what for? You got it- more computer training! The hospital just switched their entire computer program over to Epic so the whole hospital is trying to learn the new system- basically, it's a mess. But, one more night of sleeping normally was fine with us! We were assigned lockers- Keely and I opened our combination only to find it full of someone's belongings. We are still waiting for a new locker assignment. We were paired up with nurses, Keely got an awesome traveler and I got sent into a room with a direct admit who wanted an epidural yesterday. It was crazy so I just did pt care, started her IV and got her labs. I met 2 CRNA's, one named Andrea (we have an Andrea at TMH :) the other I can't remember his 1st name but his last name is Engle so I'm going to call him my half brother. Most people on the floor are nice but we had been warned about a scrub tech, Walter. We met him in the staff lounge when I mistakenly asked him if he was the "scrub tech." He quickly corrected me and said he was a "licensed certified surgical blah blah blah" and didn't like to be called scrub tech. I said, "no kidding, I couldn't tell." He later stopped me in the hall and said he could tell I was the fiesty one in the bunch! Then he was talking to Nedra, Keely and myself when Keely decides to stand behind him and start making faces while pointing to his Left ring finger that is ringless and jokingly insinuating this was possibly a man I should date (not a chance in hell-he's about 6 ft, 300 lbs and has summer teeth- some are here and some are there). For my family, he reminds me of an oversized BRAD at all the FSU games! I had to turn around b/c I was about to burst out laughing at her making fun of this OR natzi who clearly thinks he runs the show. He was very nice after that 1st encounter-I'm telling you if you stand up to jerks like that, they back down!
Anyway, Keely will have to write about her day. I didn't leave my pts room from 3pm-8pm (except to pee and I did get a 15 min break) when she was admitted, got and epidural, wasn't comfortable, had the CRNA come bolus her epidural, she was still uncomfortable, got a 2nd epidural, had a 4 min deceleration of the fetal heart tones when midwives, doctors, nurses, etc ran in. All was fine and I learned a LOT about their differences with pt care (not so different) but did nothing on the new computer charting system. I figured I'd leave something for tonight when we work 7p-7a. Everyone is basically nice but there is a sense of "who are these new nurses on our turf" with some of the staff. That's what we get for being the new kids on the block, freshmeat, etc...Have a great day! I'm going back to bed as it's 4:40am here. Love and miss everyone!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our Newport Beach trip got rerouted...whoopsie!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Learning the computer system on Friday

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Skills lab- Orientation Day 3

Our complex

2nd day of orientation

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guest stars, Elle "no training wheels" and Hayley Hart

Back to work- 1st day of orientation

Dinner at Barefoot Bar and Grill

Mission Bay

Sunday at the pool

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our 1st night out- Gaslamp District

Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Trolley tour of the city 3/6/08

Our apartment

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day 3- Part II We made it!!!

Day 3- 408 miles from Tucson to San Diego part I

Day 2- 870 miles to Tucson, Arizona

906 miles Tallahasse to San Antonio

sorry no new posts-tomorrow, i promise!

I got sick on Monday with the crud that's been going around- finally feeling better today. It's 11:30pm here and I'm headed to bed. I will post pictures from our travels on the road tomorrow fo sho!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Keith Urban/Carrie Underwood