Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LA, part 2

Monday- LA part 1

Our guests have left the building :o(

It was a sad, cold, dark, crack-of-dawn morning. We left the apartment at 4am to take Mona, Nanny and Pam to the airport. We should have pulled an OJ on the 405 and kept driving but life goes on, even if they are going home and we are stuck out here in shark-eating, fire-breeding, gorgeous, windy weathered California! We thoroughly enjoyed our week with them. We went to our favorite San Diego spots and even tried some new things -LA yesterday (pics to come when I get Mona and Pam's pictures), Padres game, Claim Jumpers restaurant, church, and Imperial Beach. We couldn't convince them that Black's beach (nude) was a good idea. Maybe Lance and Michelle will brave it with us next week. They are safely back in Jacksonville as I write this. It's back to work for a few days until next Thursday when Lance and Michelle arrive for a week. Time is running out people. If you want to come visit you better book your flight soon!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday at Balboa Park then dinner at Claim Jumpers

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friday part 2- La Jolla and Padres game

Friday with Mona, Nanny and Pam

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Celebrating Nanny's 91st and THE ZOO

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1st day in San Diego with Mona, Nanny and Pam

Catchin y'all up

I am waiting for Mona, Keely's mom, to call so I can go pick her, Nanny and Pam up at the airport. Keely worked last night so she is sleeping. I am waking her up to go to the airport with me to surprise them-they think she'll be sleeping until we get to the apartment. We are both soooo excited they are going to be here a week! The pictures below are finally on the blog from our hike up Cowles Mountain. Then it's pictures to show you how there is ALWAYS food in the nurses station break room. Keely said they had a buffett in room 1 last night. Thank goodness I wasn't working! The cracker (cracked pepper triscuit), cheese of your choice and cherry tomato is my new favorite snack-refreshing and healthy! Try it Mikey...
As you can see, Keely is relaxing reading a book on her break. She took a picture of me later that night taking a nap but it was too dark to see anything.
OK, I've thought about keeping this off the blog but since we've heard it over and over again from San Diegians I'm saying screw it and putting it on here. Apparently, our lovely, family oriented apartment complex, The La Mirage, is known round these parts as 'Herpes Hill.' All we have to do is tell someone we are travel nurses and they say, 'oh, where do you live? Herpes Hill?' NICE. We quickly explain that it is no longer the party place and is STD-free. I was talking with a nurse the other night who also works in labor and delivery at another hospital part time and she said, 'So, I was in triage the other night and a patient shows up by cabulance..' I don't know what she said after that b/c I was laughing so hard. This CAB-ULANCE is referring to all those pregos who call 911 for an ambulance ride to the hospital b/c they had one contraction, lost their mucous plug or, who knows, are probably constipated. Meanwhile, their entourage of family and friends has beat them to the hospital and are pounding down the door asking where is Mrs. Smith?, correction, it's probably Ms. Smith. Well, if any of you had a brain in your heads you should have #1 flushed the damn mucous plug down the toilet instead of putting it into a baggie for us to see-we DON'T care! #2 given her some prune juice #3 re-thunk calling an ambulance since she was eating hot wings and laughing 2 minutes after her one contraction. If none of this turns your lightbulb on, even if it is dim, then #4 is put her pregnant ass in your car and bring her in yourself. Ambulances, 911 and triage is for EMERGENCIES ONLY!
I've got to make myself presentable since Mona should be calling any minute so this CAB-u-KIA can go pick them up at the airport :o)

Cowles Mountain

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Lochore's come to San Diego

Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's Saturday-one night down...

Hey everybody. Keely and I both worked last night. It was my 1st night out of 4 in a row and 1st night out of 5 in a row for Keely. The long stretch is worth it since Mona, Nanny and Pam will be here on Wednesday for a week! We have lots planned to show them and do with them while they are here. Brooke and Hugh are in San Diego right now for a wedding and are staying at our apartment Sunday night so they get an extra day to cruise the city. Wish we could spend more time with them but it just happened to fall in the middle of this long work stretch. As for our hair...many of you have wondered where the final results are. Neither of our heads look bad it's just the little details we noticed. So, from Tallahassee you probably wouldn't be able to tell a difference :o) Keely did have me trimming her hair up in the break room last night at work since one side was clearly longer than the other. I had a delivery and, shocker, it was a vacuum delivery again! The charge nurse, who we love, just laughs and calls me "vacuum" now along with "Red Robin" since I didn't know what that was. (It's just a red catheter used to empty some one's bladder quickly and it doesn't stay in) She comes into all of my deliveries, opens the sterile red robin placing it on the physician or midwives sterile field and looks up at me with a smile and says-"Red Robin" as if showing and explaining to me what it is. Keely's patient was 9.5 cm when we left at 7am this morning. We were all surprised she didn't deliver since it was her 3rd baby but the best surprise was for Keely when she had been talking about her Spanish patient all night only to find out she was Philipino! Hope everyone is doing well. We miss you! Sybil Oh, I've been trying to post the pictures from our hike up Cowles Mountain but it keeps saying an unknown error has occurred. Stay tuned for those as I give ol photobucket some TLC in hopes of it working again.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I Have 2 Words......

NEVER AGAIN!!!! Please refer to the pictures below. Please pay special attention to the time frame. Thought I was going to have to take one of Sybil's zoloft pills swallowed with a shot of vodka! Will even consider letting Sybil cut my hair next time. God bless those beauty school students! Keely

The Paul Mitchell School of Hair- 5:30pm-10 pm!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunday Funday in Newport beach

Corona Del Mar- Sunday

Saturday night in Newport Beach

Monday, April 14, 2008

Newport Beach and Laguna Beach- Saturday

Newport Beach will never be the same..........

Sybil has given me an assignment to recap our weekend in Newport Beach so here goes. Also, before I get started Mr Englert, aka Rog, I'm using a different color text let me know if you can see any better with this color. I worked Friday night so we left Saturday morning around 8:30. Not sure if I was just tired but Sybil's driving on the way up was a little scary. Sorta felt as if I was on delta airlines. I was very happy to arrive at Aimee's so I could sleep. I went to bed while Aimee took Sybil on a tour of Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. They ate lunch a a Mexican restaurant (shocker) and returned @ 2pm to wake me up so we could get some sunshine. We laid out at the pool for a couple of hours then returned to Aimee's so we could shower and get ready for dinner. Scott took us on a VIP tour before dinner. We took a car fairy over the harbor which was very cool. We ate at a place on the harbor called Billy's where we stuffed ourselves! The food was awesome. We must of eaten at least 3 baskets of bread before we got our HUGE salads and entrees. Scott and I got fish. Sybil and Aimee got a platter that gave them a sample of everything from ribs, to shrimp, to steak, to crab cakes, to seared tuna=poopoo platter. We also might of had a drink or 2 at dinner. After dinner we went back to condo. Scott went to bed like a smart person and Sybil, Aimee, and I sat out on the balcony and rehashed our high schools days and growing up in T-town. We also tired to get to the bottom of why Sybil is not a fan of dogs. She shared an hour (no kidding) long story about her dog Sonny. Not sure that we got to the bottom of anything except that Sybil did have a dog and his name was Sonny. That story pretty much did us in so we finally went to bed @ 2am. Aimee woke us up bright and early to get ready for the beach. Sybil and I were slow to rise but did manage to get up around 10:45. Sweet Aimee had already walked the dog, cooked some breakfast and packed snacks for the beach. Yes, Sybil and I are worthless! We went to the beach for a couple of hours. This was the first time I can honestly say I was hot. The beach was gorgeous. We also saw a sick sea lion on the beach. People were crowed around him until a lifeguard told everyone to back off. Shortly after that the marine patrol picked him up and took him to a animal hospital (or wherever they take sick sea lions). After the beach, we stopped by Sprinkles to get a famous Sprinkles cupcake and gelato to cool us down after a hard day at the beach. We then took showers and left to eat dinner and "hang out" at some local watering holes along the water. We met some interesting people along the way. One young lady we met was, shall we say, flirting with her boss. When Sybil asked her why she replied " I'm trying to move up from hostess to take out." The 3 of us laughed very hard at that comment. A local boy named Brian planned a "solid" trip as he put it up the coast of California. Not sure we have time to make it to all the places he suggested but definitely going to plan a trip to LA. At the next watering hole (Beach Ball) we met a guy who is going to Tallahassee next weekend for a wedding. Very cool! When Sybil realized she could play country music on the jukebox that was all she wrote we stayed at Beach Ball for the rest of the night. We left this morning from Newport and took the scenic route home through Laguna. Stopped by LC's house but no one was home. Sybil's currently napping b/c she has to work tonight. I do not go back to the real world until tomorrow. Thanks Scott and Aimee for a great weekend! Also, congratulations to all of our pregnant(Cory), new parents (the Sexton's) and engaged(Beth and Tien) friends at TMH labor & delivery! Hope everyone has a great week, Keely

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brett and Brady come visit!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tuesday- Point Loma and Carlsbad

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Labor and Delivery at Kaiser

Balboa Park part II

Balboa Park part I

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A few explanations

Hello all! First off, the police officer was driving by In Cahoots while we were waiting in the parking lot for the cab to show up, we had called the cab company twice with no luck of a yellow car heading our way. The parking lot was quickly becoming bare so we flagged the cop down to explain we were stranded. He said he would take us home. Of course we had a few laughs while in the back seat of the cop car-if our parents could see us now! Thank goodness it was voluntary!
Second, I'm posting pictures from labor and delivery. Our scrubs, though comfortable, blend in with the walls. The light I'm pointing with in one picture is a wand that you point to the lights in the ceiling then drag to wherever the provider wants the light-it's crazy. Each room has two doors, one to enter and one for the visitors to open so they can see the baby under the warmer while mom is being cleaned up, stitched up, etc. A curtain is drawn so the baby nurse can take care of the baby, the visitors can see the baby all while mom is behind curtain #1. There are pictures of the break room, notice the two couches and tv, the break room in the nurses station-notice there was no food on the table this one particular night-that never happens! Keely is so graciously showing you the restroom in the patient rooms. Two of the housekeepers had us try this Mexican concoction called Cebiche. It looked odd but tasted good! It's either shrimp, clam, any kind of fish, onion, tomato, cucumer, cilantro, chile, lime juice, hot sauce and served on a tostada. Try it Mikey, you might like it :o) Ask questions if I forgot anything else.
Oh, the nurses with us are Gee, pronounced G, me, Bobbi Sue from Cananda, the scrub tech, Susie and Keely. I was sent over to the pre term floor where I didn't have a patient but the charge nurse named SYBIL had me take vital signs and answer the call light-I'm the highest paid tech in California!!! Then I took a picture with one of our fellow nurses, Judith.
Balboa Park is where we walked yesterday. There are flowers everywhere! The lady statue is of Kate Sessions. She brought one of every species of tree to this area years and years ago which is why there are so many different types of trees. It's awesome! Ill tab the rest of the pictures as Keely and are are headed to the Point Loma tide pools. It's overcast but we'll make it work!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Everything is blooming!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Been slacking on the blog...

Sorry to all of our regular readers :o) We either both worked or one worked while the other stayed home the last 3 nights. Our next schedule is MUCH better since we have most shifts together. No need to rehash work but I'll sum the last 3 nights up with this- Keely had a 380 lb patient with an epidural (now that's a heavy leg!), I had a patient go from 4 cm to complete in a matter of minutes so that was one CRAZY room, if you can imagine. I also saw the true colors of one midwife and one provider but all is well and we survived another week. Got another paycheck too so that makes it all worth it, well, maybe 300 lbs of it worth it-not the full 380lbs. It was overcast all day today so I ran errands while Keely slept (she worked last night) then we had a new refrigerator delivered b/c ours went on the fritz. We are renting a movie tonight and being good by not going out since we both work Sunday night. Gotta go, we're picking up Outback for dinner- G'Day Mate!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In Cahoots- bring your boots!