Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker

Monday- we're off to LA

Sunday dinner at Barefoot

Sunday Funday- paragliding

Saturday night- Reds game and Gaslamp District

Friday, May 30, 2008

Saturday afternoon- Seaport Village

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saturday morning- Point Loma

Friday night- Visions, Henry's and The Field

Friday-La Jolla and Lunch

Friday, May 23, 2008

Party time!

Keely and I got off work yesterday morning and slept for 4 hrs then went to pick Tanner, Krystal and Jason up at the airport. This was after they ran to their plane in Jacksonville and missed their flight in Atlanta...Somehow, they still beat Jessica here who flew from Jacksonville, to North Carolina to Arizona then to SD. We ate lunch with David before he had to go to the field, dropped their luggage off at our apt and went back to the airport to pick Jessica up. We came home, ordered pizza and went to bed. NOT! We might have had some cocktails on the porch while catching up. Krystal's friend from Tallahassee came over. She has lived in SD for 8 months. Who knew we could have had a tour guide for our "social awareness activites" the whole time we've been here! Needless to say, some of us have headaches this morning. Jessica just asked me for 8 Advil. I said, "you can have 4." She said, "I'll take 3." For some reason this banter cracked me up! Krystal is going to Starbucks and the rest are still sleeping. Stay tuned for the uproar...

The 1st family has come and gone, now the Clampet's are here

Monday, May 19, 2008

Some Days You Should Just Stay In Bed

I dropped Keely off this morning at our apartment when we got off work and took the Kia to a Ford dealership (I know) to get the ac repaired since it hasn't worked for over a month. Kia is there now too, they just don't have the "official" KIA sign out front. The weather is getting warmer here so, air conditioning is a requirement for me. I also wanted to have it fixed by the time our visitors get here this weekend for Memorial Day. (Sorry to those of you who came and suffered thru the cool air provided by mother nature when the windows were rolled down) I decided to rent a car from Enterprise for $36/day so I could go home and sleep rather than sit in the lobby . The girl took me out to a teeny car that smelled like a dog died in it right after it threw up. I said, "no, no, no this isn't going to work and I'm FOR SURE not paying to ride around in this stench!" She quickly cleaned another 1x1 car that had just been returned. The air worked and it didn't stink--sold. I walked around the car (which took about 5 steps) assessing any damage on the car before I drove off the lot so I wouldn't be held responsible when the car was returned. Now, I used to work for Enterprise Rent-A-Stupid-Car in Nashville and in Tallahassee so one would think I had brains enough to get the $9/day damage coverage. I declined it. Could be because I was barely awake at this point. Could be that I'm just a complete idiot.
I drove home, parked the little nugget in our spot in the parking garage and went upstairs to sleep. I woke up at 2pm and called Ford/Kia.
The ac blower was blown but covered under warranty--excellent.
3 rubber hoses were cracked and needed to be replaced--figures.
Will it be done today?
Great. I'll be there at 5pm to pick my car up and thanks for washing it.
So, I'm talking to Colleen then Caroline on my cell while driving to FORIA (she told me that "St.George isn't far from Tallahasssee. It's one movie, like Mary Poppins. You pop it in, watch it and then you're there"-love her!) Then I got on the phone with Dad, who was about to tell me about running into Michelle and Elle, as I am pulling into the dealership and I see and hear red and blue lights behind me. "I gotta go, call you back, Dad!" SHIT, I got pulled over in the dealership parking lot so people are staring at me. The cop walks up and I have no idea what I've done. Is talking on your cell phone illegal in CA while driving? Is it legal anywhere? Play dumb. "What's the problem officer?"
"You just crossed a double yellow line pulling in here."
"Oh, really? I'm from Florida (I'm guessing crossing double yellow lines is an illegal driving procedure in all 50 states) and am a travel nurse. I worked all night and have had about 2 hrs of sleep and am very sorry. I'm just trying to pick my car up." I handed him my drivers license, assuring him it was an active/valid Florida license. He said he'd be right back. I hope my Dad didn't hear the siren as this guy was pulling me over. It's bad enough MawMaw wanted to be sure I wasn't in the middle of the huge San Diego State University drug bust a few weeks ago! I promise I came out here to work in labor and delivery, not to be a drug lord. I deliver babies, not kilos.
The cop came right back telling me I was getting a warning this time because he had to go to a traffic accident.
Thank goodness for bad drivers- I hope no one was hurt. Whew!
Into the Enterprise counter I go to return the cardboard box. I walk back outside with the same girl to inspect the car. There is, in fact, a new tiny spot of paint chipped on the hood of the car. How did that happen?!! They have to collect my $500 deductible, write a report and say they will be in touch to let me know how much it is going to be and then will refund my money minus the damages. They didn't find it funny when I asked if I could just buy a can of paint and dab it on the pea-sized spot to save us all the trouble.
Who wants my money next? To the cashier I go to pay for the replaced hoses. Basically, I got out of bed to spend money today. It could be worse-I could have gotten the bad-driver-double-line-crosser-ticket!
Keely's at work tonight so I'm home alone catching ya'll up, paying more bills and doing laundry. Moral --play dumb to cops and ALWAYS buy the damage insurance when renting a car.
Last night at work, a woman came in laboring to have her 5th baby. She was 6cm in triage. They wheeled her down to labor room 1 and started setting the room up for delivery expecting it to go really fast. The nurse walked out to the desk for one second to grab paperwork when the call light went off and the patient said the baby's coming! Patty, the nurse ran back into the room and pulled the sheets back to find the baby in the bed! She asked the patient, "how did you know the baby was coming, did you feel pressure in your bottom?" The new mother said, "no, I heard the baby crying."
You can't make this stuff up! 17 more shifts to go! See you all soon. Love, Sybil

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tues evening- The Seal tour and last supper

Tues afternoon- Paragliding in Torrey Pines

Tues morning- Balboa Park

Monday night- Claim Jumpers

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lance showing off in his wet suit

Keely in action!

Monday- WaveHouse in Mission Bay and La Jolla

Sunday night at Barefoot Bar and Grille

Mother's Day at Mission Bay

Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday, part deux/dos/two

Saturday brunch and Point Loma tidepools

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday night- Padres game

The poor, innocent animal...

Friday- SeaWorld

Thursday-Old Town, the pool and a study session

Friday, May 9, 2008

The First Family Has Arrived

Lance, Michelle and the girls have arrived in San Diego. They got in yesterday around 10:40am. Which is great except for the fact that Michelle told us they got in at 11:40 and we were sound asleep when she called for us to come get them from the airport. Think that is the first time Michelle has ever been an hour early to anything! We took them to Old Town to eat lunch at a little Mexican restaurant. Two of us I'm not going to mention any names (Lance and Michelle) said the Margarita's were awesome. We then came back to the apartment to chill out. We literally did chill when we jumped into the swimming pool. Elle swam around like a little fish. Hayle pretty much turned into a red headed popscicle. Sybil and I then got ready for a LONG night at Kaiser while the Hart family tucked in for the night. We sent them to Sea World for the day while Sybil and I caught up on some sleep. We are going to the Padres game tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend and look for pictures of the first family soon! Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mom's!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Will's First Communion

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saturday at Bobbi Sue's apartment then McGregor's

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Most of you are probably wondering...

why is Sybil writing on the blog at 1am in her bedroom, on her laptop when she's supposed to be at work? Well, we delivered everybody and their brother by 11pm so the charge nurse said, "take your break, a long one. See you at 2pm." When I asked if I could run home she said, "sure, do whatever you want, I don't care." They have my cell phone and I told them to call me if a bus load of preggos showed up hootn and hollerin and I can be back in 5 min. The charge nurse, Patty, said, "bye, see you at 2pm." I texted Keely so she wouldn't think someone was coming in the apartment, I'm doing laundry and writing to all of you. I'm sure my downstairs neighbors love the washer going at this hour. Oh well...
Alicia, why is Keely the only one who looks tan? I will notify the press that the he/she should be called a trans-gendered person and I'll get to sending a picture of Keely's new Tiffany's bracelet. Mona, I'm also working on the grapefruit project for you.
Remember how the one charge nurse calls me "Red Robbin and Vacuum?" Well, tonight my delivery was a minute and a half shoulder dystocia (the head delivered but the shoulders wouldn't-very dangerous), the baby had the cord around his neck AND there was a true knot in his cord!!! Can I please just have a normal delivery here???!!!! The mom and baby are fine BTW. Apgars were 4/8/9. This long break is making up for the 1st part of my shift.
We have great news (no, we didn't switch to Geico). Lance and Michelle are bringing Elle and Hayley next Thursday!!!! We are so pumped to see them. I wish Caroline could come too but I doubt she can miss a week of school :o( Stay tuned, more to come. Oh, and can I say, THAD BESHEARS we are totally impressed that you read our blog every week! When are you coming to visit? Have Halsey fly ya'll out here. Hope all is well with everyone. We miss you tons. Love, Sybil (I feel like I'm skipping school, not that I ever did that to know how it feels...) I may head back to ole Kaiser if Keely will get off the couch and do my damn laundry! Just kidding Aunt KeeKee.